The Mondays 04.25.16

The weekend was rough, you gals. I mean, we lost Prince. What gives 2016? Why do you have to keep taking all our favorites? 

I would have posted yesterday, but I basically spent the weekend taking care of business around the haus so little time left for writing. P and I are still waist level deep in snot due to the unrelenting allergy season the midwest has in store for us, but hoping to shake it so we can do the Little Kings One Mile race during the Flying Pig Weekend coming up. I mean, I can get through a mile, I just might be wheezing, snot nostril bubbling, and whining an embarrassing amount. 

Here's a better more attractive less snotty look at the state of things in my world right now...

Currently I am: 

Reading: The Invention of Nature ... and still have my nose in a few others, but focusing on that one mostly for now.

Listening to: A lot of Prince (obviously), REM (we've got them planned as a big part of our upcoming soundtrack while in Iceland), and Bully (we're seeing them this weekend!)

Watching: I don't even pretend like I'm not invested in an embarrassing level of devotion to Dancing with the Stars. We were pretty stoked to watch the season premiere of Game of Thrones last night, though I do hope there's more storytelling and less epic battle scenes this season. My best friend S showed me a one off episode of The League because one of the actors was in an episode of Brooklyn 99 which we watch together and so I plan on going back to start that—I mean Netflix has been pushing it on me too (for years). 

Looking forward to: The next round of the NHL playoffs for the Penguins. They've found their stride and it's been really great to see them play again. The Bully show this weekend, live music is for me what religious folks feel like going to church. My irises blooming! They're one of my favorite parts of our landscaping and I love seeing them from the front porch. 

Here's to a fabulous week ahead!


The Sundays 04.17.2016

Spring has arrived in Cincinnati. Patrick and I had a lovely weekend that was fun filled and exhausting. We attended a craft beer festival on a riverboat cruise that put us both closer toward our goal of reaching 1000 brews on Untapped. Gorgeous weather meant we got lots of our landscaping progress out of the way and we now live pretty much surrounded by marigolds and I'm totally okay with this. 

I went to my first social event with Girls Pint Out which was lots of fun! I also totally fell off the wagon in terms of keeping up with my April photo a day challenge on Instagram, ha. They've been good prompts, but I forgot one day which turned into two days and then three....oh well. I'm reserving that this is okay and I won't stop taking lots of photos nevertheless. 

Most excitingly, we booked our tickets for a visit to Blue Lagoon as soon as we land in Iceland. It's a tourist trap, to be sure, but we enjoyed it on our last trip and landing early in the morning before we can check in to our apartment means we needed to find something to do. So getting good and pruney will be the first thing we do! 

The Sundays 04.10.2016

After looking back to last weekend, this one was totally pretty much the total opposite. We were busy with all kinds of fun things but I almost feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! 

Looking back: This past week I got rid of the pink in my hair and went over to the dark side, so dark in fact, that Patrick has said I'm borderline goth. My appointment ran late, however, so I didn't make it to hear a former professor speak on politics and humor. I was happy to meet more new folks at the Brewery Book Club and to discuss a pretty good text but had to cram that in before Patrick and I headed to the Woodward to Thao & the Get Down Stay Down. That in itself will be a post I hope to get up this week. It was a phenomenal show. I also got to meet up with some of the girls from Girls Pint Out on Saturday for a lovely event sponsored by Artswave at one of my favorite watering holes in OTR.

Looking forward: I'm super pumped about heading to my first official Girls Pint Out event this week. I identify pretty much as an ambivert, though I'd say these days I'm definitely feeling that the scales tip more toward the introverted side than extrovert. So it's been a real mission lately to put myself out there and try and meet new people. Patrick and I have a full weekend of plans next weekend, so hopefully we will have a low key work week. It's been colder than I like, so I'm hoping for spring to return again and get these legs running again. I'm also hoping to make my way through more of this fascinating book I started, The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt's New World


The Sundays 04.03.2016

Goodbye, March! Hello April!

We had an absolutely terrific weekend. It was a perfect mix of productive and lazy and was full of recharging and relaxation. It was exactly what was needed after this week.  

Looking Back: 

We got to try out some new recipes thanks to trying out Marley Spoon subscription service. The first meal was a bust for me, but P really liked it. The second meal we tried knocked it out of the park though! It was these little meatloaf burgers served over rice with quick pickled cucumbers! I can't believe I haven't tried the quick pickling thing before, but damn it had me like: 


Today was really special because we got to celebrate with P's aunt who was celebrating her 50th year as a nun. It was a lovely service and we heard lots of really funny stories about her experiences joining the convent and what it was like to make a decision like that. P's mom (his aunt's older sister) shared how she had sent a sympathy card as joke to his aunt when she first moved to the convent after joining and little did she know, the mail was all opened before delivery to the sisters. His aunt got called in by the head nuns who wanted to know who had died! His mom has a real sassy spark to her and the biggest heart. 

Even though I don't hold the same religious affiliation/spiritual world views, I think that it is really great to celebrate the commitment to service and making the world a better place that his aunt has made for the last 50 years. I can't wait to go back and celebrate her 60th! 

Looking Forward:

I am so excited for this week.  It's gonna be a full one, but hopefully the kind that leaves you very happy even if very tired. Looking forward to seeing Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, a former prof from undergrad give a talk on humor & politics, my brewery book club meetup, and depending on how I'm doing by Saturday maybe a little Roller Derby? Shew, it will be fun. We're also getting our first delivery from Blue Apron so we'll see how making meals goes with that!




The Sundays 3.27.16

I've decided (schedule and life permitting) that sitting down to reflect on the past week and think about the week ahead might be a regularly scheduled post around these parts. In undergrad, my roommate and I instituted SNMN (Sunday Night Movie Night) as a means to curb those Oh-No-We-Have-To-Go-Back-To-The-Real-World-Because-The-Weekend-Is-Over-Blues. So maybe this is new iteration of that sort of blues-curbing/self-caring kind of thing.

Looking Back:

So let's see, what's in the past? This weekend was full of #hliðstæðu time. For once, Patrick and I didn't have a full weekend of obligations and plans, which was terrific. We had a super low key Friday at home. Saturday morning we started things off at Covington's Braxton Brewery for their 1 year anniversary party! In just one short year, they've really upped the game when it comes to delicious local beer. We also hit the cinema to see the much talked about 10 Cloverfield Lane which was so good (I'll probably end up writing a longer review on sometime soon).  We don't celebrate Easter, but our Sunday was still full of fun and sunshine as we toured around in Over The Rhine, enjoying some new brews and eating a delicious lunch at Pontiac. It's been so nice out we decided to invest in a new small bluetooth speaker to enjoy some tunes on the front porch and may have hit the jackpot when we found a Lisa Frank complete with rainbows and puppies speaker at a second hand bookstore. I may or may not have squealed at the sight of it. 

Looking Forward:

We are going to get our first delivery from Marley Spoon midweek so it will be fun trying to cook some new styles of cuisine for dinner. We are most certainly guilty of not getting outside the box around here, mostly because I'm guilty of having a "toddler diet" with my main food groups being tacos, pizza, and chicken nuggets. 

I'm really relieved to not have any commitments or plans for this week. It seems like such a rarity, so hopefully it means I'll play a lot of catch-up with my Omnifocus task list for dumb adult/house type duties—which would be nice because Spring brings such an anticipation for bringing things back to life and a deep cleaning around this corgwn/cat hair palace is definitely in order. 

Actually, technically we were to meet for our FWB: Friends with Books Book Club this week, but the book I had picked for this month has been an absolute bear and none of us have gotten through it, so we're aiming to meet up at the end of April. It's been a big exercise for myself to let go of what I would normally want to put in the total failure category, but not all books are good book club books, so we try, we learn, we move forward. Giving myself the space and permission for that has been a lot of work, but I'll get there.

Also totally can't wait to check this film out this week. It looks absolutely stunning.  Might even turn up later as a film review!

Here's to a fantastic week!

I've got the Sundays.

This week was a bit of a doozy and I've started the weekend by spending Friday home sick from work. Lots of corgi cuddles have definitely helped on that end. Here's a little bit of what my week was like though.



I'm adding those three to my Iceland 2k16 driving mix for sure.


In the process of reading a few titles:

  • Radiance of Tomorrow  by Ishmael Beah
  • Daughters of the Samurai: A Journey East to West and Back by Janice P. Nimura
  •  Junot Díaz and the Decolonial Imagination  edited by Monica Hanna, Jennifer Harford Vargas, and José David Saldívar
  • Fantasies of Identification: Disability, Gender, and Race by Ellen Samuels


  • Season 4 of House of Cards (OMG, CLAIRE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH) 
  • Pretty Little Liars (still a few episodes behind this season because seriously, wtf is happening)
  • Fixer Upper marathons a made for sick/lazy days
  • Vikings 


  • A fresh start this week with more sunlight in our days
  • Seeing Drive-By Truckers this week and avoiding all Ohio Primary coverage Tuesday night
  • Seeing Beertown at The Know Theatre for Patrick's birthday
  • seriously sore muscles after heading back to yoga tomorrow
  • my first Green Bean delivery this Friday—hoping for some better produce than our local grocer.