The Mondays 04.25.16

The weekend was rough, you gals. I mean, we lost Prince. What gives 2016? Why do you have to keep taking all our favorites? 

I would have posted yesterday, but I basically spent the weekend taking care of business around the haus so little time left for writing. P and I are still waist level deep in snot due to the unrelenting allergy season the midwest has in store for us, but hoping to shake it so we can do the Little Kings One Mile race during the Flying Pig Weekend coming up. I mean, I can get through a mile, I just might be wheezing, snot nostril bubbling, and whining an embarrassing amount. 

Here's a better more attractive less snotty look at the state of things in my world right now...

Currently I am: 

Reading: The Invention of Nature ... and still have my nose in a few others, but focusing on that one mostly for now.

Listening to: A lot of Prince (obviously), REM (we've got them planned as a big part of our upcoming soundtrack while in Iceland), and Bully (we're seeing them this weekend!)

Watching: I don't even pretend like I'm not invested in an embarrassing level of devotion to Dancing with the Stars. We were pretty stoked to watch the season premiere of Game of Thrones last night, though I do hope there's more storytelling and less epic battle scenes this season. My best friend S showed me a one off episode of The League because one of the actors was in an episode of Brooklyn 99 which we watch together and so I plan on going back to start that—I mean Netflix has been pushing it on me too (for years). 

Looking forward to: The next round of the NHL playoffs for the Penguins. They've found their stride and it's been really great to see them play again. The Bully show this weekend, live music is for me what religious folks feel like going to church. My irises blooming! They're one of my favorite parts of our landscaping and I love seeing them from the front porch. 

Here's to a fabulous week ahead!