New Tunes Tuesday: Bamboo Smoke's "Treehouses"

Though it’s been out for a week today, I cannot get Bamboo Smoke’s “Treehouses” out of my head. The UK-based Alt-R&B trio of producers Tom Hollis, Mark Gilyead, and singer Louise Wellby have created a dreamy, graceful track in “Treehouses,” the first song they’ve written together.

Bamboo Smoke

Wellby offered the following on the track: “Created in a garage out in the pines, Treehouses is the very first song we wrote together. Recalling the joy and thrill of secret hideouts, makeshift treehouses, teetering on the edge between our imaginary world and the ‘grown up’ world.” 

Bamboo Smoke also released a video for their track “Stretchmarks” earlier this year, available on Youtube.

You can follow Bamboo Smoke on Instagram and listen to them on Spotify.

New Single Alert: Benin City's "What A Time"

The individual artists who make up Benin City have been quite busy this year with amazing projects but finally I get to share their new release which is streaming on their VEVO below for US listeners and included in Spotify’s New Music Friday for the UK & Iceland for my across the pond pals!

“What A Time” is a bit of a party anthem that despite sounding so carefree is really about coming to peace with oneself, enjoying life and poetically states, “these are your best years/be careful how you spend them.” It highlights their distinct sound with beats from multi-instrumentalist Tom Leaper and dual vocals by Joshua Idehen and Shanaz Dorsett.

Dorsett reflected on the song’s meaning for her personally, “What A Time embodies how I felt about turning 30—so empowered and at peace with myself… but often completely overwhelmed by having all the choices but few of the resources to truly ‘live my best life.’ In ways it’s the realistic party anthem that I needed.” Dorsett also relayed how finally coming out as queer worked in tandem with this coming to terms with oneself.

Benin City is a London-based trio that represents the diversity of the city, exploring and challenging social and political issues. Their second album tackled the notion of the depleting London club scene and its impact on the artistic community. Their forthcoming EP later this year will face head on similar themes as a both an interrogation and celebration as Londoners.

You can find Benin City on all the social media, including: Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

New Single Alert: Hugh releases "Sober"

Hugh are releasing new music with the single, “Sober” dropping nearly two years after their debut Love, Hugh was released in 2017. The lineup of the group has shifted a bit as well since then, but vocalist Joshua Idehen and producer Andy Highmore remain at the core.

New listeners of Hugh may recognize Idehen’s voice, he’s a vocalist of the acclaimed London trio Benin City. He’s half the duo that forms Hugh and certainly in this new track he brings a different energy than his other musical endeavors. Highmore’s production is definitely a highlight as well. Guest vocalist Amaroun, is recognizable too, as she is Jay Brown, the London singer-songwriter whose smooth R&B sound blends so well with Idehen.


In an interview with the folx at The Line of Best Fit, Idehen explained that the track was written as a breakup song about Brexit regret, but the universality of the lyrics lend themselves beyond this specific dumpster fire political climate (though it’s something this American relates to all too well).

The structure of this newest release from Hugh is solid. Specifically at the bridge, in a track that could easily get messy and drunkenly out of control, “Sober” keeps a calm and even-keeled quality. Indeed it would seem the same satisfaction that one derives from knowing you’re over someone and better than an ex-lover is present in the listening experience and one certainly feels better having heard this track.

You can listen to “Sober” on Spotify.