Founding Fathers and Big Gorgeous Wrapped Up Tight 2019 Tour

When living in the dystopian nightmare that’s 2019, there’s only one escape and that is Big Gorgeous. The San Francisco based duo are at their purest part metal theatre and part pervy pop goodness. They write songs about outrageous situations that are so catchy and infectious you can’t help but smile.

Big Gorgeous by Ben DeCastro

Big Gorgeous by Ben DeCastro

I first saw Big Gorgeous when they played an off venue gig at Iceland Airwaves in 2018. I had been told to check them out and loved that they had a local musician Eric Johnson of Cincinnati’s Founding Fathers along for some backup vocals and stage prop management. The show was about 25 mins in Lucky Records and was a raucous, over the top, fun time.

Big Gorgeous performing at Lucky Records during Iceland Airwaves 2018.

Big Gorgeous performing at Lucky Records during Iceland Airwaves 2018.

Big Gorgeous is coming back to my hometown for a short but ambitious tour with Founding Fathers who are releasing their 2018 album Mating Rites on vinyl. I recently had a chance to chat with Young Potatoe, half the duo of Big Gorgeous about what an adventure this whole musical performance art project has been so far.

To start at the beginning, the artist behind the moniker, Young Potatoe, outlined the birth of his stage name/personality. Spawned as a bit of an expansion of his childhood dream to create a professional wrestling personality, when he arrived to college aside from his academic studies he pursued his dream of entering into wrestling school. His bit of acting experience and theatre talents also came into play when after writing a few songs with his other half, the Big Gorgeous, and the dream to play live versions of their material came to fruition. The Big Gorgeous was initially concerned that just he and Young Potatoe alone performing wouldn’t be enough to carry the show, especially as he gently reminded Young Potatoe that he doesn’t play any instruments. But as everything else he does in life, Young Potatoe made a deal with the Big Gorgeous that he would come up with a show that just the two of them could put on and make this dream come true.

The Wrapped Up Tight 2019 tour kicks off tonight in Wisconsin before they’ll make it down to Cincinnati on Sunday for the Founding Fathers vinyl release show, “I am so excited for the show in Cincinnati because it’s their hometown and our first time playing there and we’re really hoping for a big fun night” said Young Potatoe. Founding Fathers and Big Gorgeous are terrific on their own but when the two groups get together the energy is off the charts. You can see a little of this in the guest spots of Founding Fathers members in the Big Gorgeous video for “Puddles” which debuted two weeks ago on Youtube.

You can follow Big Gorgeous and Founding Fathers on this ambitious 20 shows in the next 23 days and support them here and here.

And don’t forget to come seem them live on Sunday May 26th at the Northside Tavern for the Founding Fathers vinyl release show!


Last night I had the enormous pleasure and introduction to Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, a self-described psychedelic noh-wave opera group hailing from Toronto. They performed at Motr pub in Over the Rhine to a modest, Monday night crowd in Cincinnati.


Their performance was solid, the band was really tight, and the vocals were stellar. I got to chat a little bit with the band afterwards about the creative process in this political climate, another Toronto band who came through town and blew my mind at Motr (looking at you Beams), and midwestern life. They were all really generous with their time which was amazing because they had just played one hell of a show and had to get on the move to Cleveland, where they are playing Beachland Ballroom tonight. If you find yourself with the opportunity to check them out, I cannot recommend enough that you do just that!