Where the fuck did Monday go?

David Bowie was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. 

Maybe it's because we just got over the holidays, but all I could think about was the opening to A Christmas Carol when I heard the news this morning. Or, I suppose in this day and age, when I first read about it on the internet.  Having nearly 99% of my friends who are musicians and that little sliver of 1% being music lovers, there's no way I could avoid the David Bowie shadow over this day. Oddly enough, the first album review I wanted to post here was for Blackstar, the first album I've listened to in 2016.  

With his recent departure, it feels even more as the critics are calling it: a parting gift for fans. And David Bowie was a generous and thoughtful gift-giver.  What terrific level of genius to turn something as difficult as facing cancer and death into provocative art. At just seven songs and clocking in around 41 minutes, the lyrics are peppered with a sentimentality about the fragility of life and echoes of religious references. I found the question---see title of this post-- from the track, "Girl Loves Me" as particularly intriguing with reference to how days all blend together and before you know it--- you're at the end of the week (and perhaps your life) left asking, wondering,  "Where the fuck did Monday go?" 

I feel like there's a bigger discussion to be had about the agency he held as a white man and the way he really utilized that agency to push barriers surrounding sexuality/love and relationships/identity --but perhaps next time.  

I never dressed as Ziggy Stardust for Halloween, but I loved Bowie as the Goblin King in Labyrinth. I appreciated his androgyny, his line-blurring, his celebration of the weird. His influence will surely be long lasting and as so many have already declared affectionately today:  "The stars look very different today."