small goals sunday

I met with friends over the weekend and we talked about our successes and failings in working through each week. Undoubtedly, since that awful day this past November, when the world seemed to lose all sense of what is good and right (at least in our corner in the US), it has been exhausting to work through the endless cycle of madness that is the daily tweets and news reports .

I've taken to small goal planning, to exert some level over control in this decidedly undecided world. I say small goal specifically too, because as much as I like writing TO DO lists, I enjoy marking things off of those lists even more. 

So for this this first full week of March, I working on the following: 


Write every day. I have been sticking with this one for a while, but it's important to me that I continue with this goal. I have various projects I'm working on: this blog, an EP that Patrick and I are working on together, a short story art project I have had in the works for quite a while, and a new poetry project that's in the earliest stages of infancy. Basically, come on lady, you've always got something to write for/on/about.


Drink some fucking water, you ungrateful first worlder. As an adult with access to clean drinking water, I have no excuse for the amount of caffenated beverages I consume in lieu of delicious good old fashioned H2O. I don't know if the old timey 8 glasses of water is still the recommendation, but this week I'm seriously making it a priority to get at least 4 glasses. I mean, I have to start somewhere.


Keep readin', Keep, Keep Readin' (sing to the tune of Leona Lewis): I have been super excited about the Pop Sugar challenge I posted about a few days ago. I really rediscovered my love for reading last year when I did the one year challenge where I only read authors who were either Women or POC. It had been long enough from my heavy academic workload that I got back into reading for pleasure. I finished another text this week and I think to complete the full Pop Sugar list I have as it stands currently, I need to be reading at least 50 pages a day on average, which seems a bit heavy, but I'm going to work towards that and will be happy if I finish off another 2 titles this week. It will be a challenge but I know I can definitely finish 1, which is why I'm going to work toward 2.