The Sundays 04.17.2016

Spring has arrived in Cincinnati. Patrick and I had a lovely weekend that was fun filled and exhausting. We attended a craft beer festival on a riverboat cruise that put us both closer toward our goal of reaching 1000 brews on Untapped. Gorgeous weather meant we got lots of our landscaping progress out of the way and we now live pretty much surrounded by marigolds and I'm totally okay with this. 

I went to my first social event with Girls Pint Out which was lots of fun! I also totally fell off the wagon in terms of keeping up with my April photo a day challenge on Instagram, ha. They've been good prompts, but I forgot one day which turned into two days and then three....oh well. I'm reserving that this is okay and I won't stop taking lots of photos nevertheless. 

Most excitingly, we booked our tickets for a visit to Blue Lagoon as soon as we land in Iceland. It's a tourist trap, to be sure, but we enjoyed it on our last trip and landing early in the morning before we can check in to our apartment means we needed to find something to do. So getting good and pruney will be the first thing we do!