The Sundays 3.27.16

I've decided (schedule and life permitting) that sitting down to reflect on the past week and think about the week ahead might be a regularly scheduled post around these parts. In undergrad, my roommate and I instituted SNMN (Sunday Night Movie Night) as a means to curb those Oh-No-We-Have-To-Go-Back-To-The-Real-World-Because-The-Weekend-Is-Over-Blues. So maybe this is new iteration of that sort of blues-curbing/self-caring kind of thing.

Looking Back:

So let's see, what's in the past? This weekend was full of #hliðstæðu time. For once, Patrick and I didn't have a full weekend of obligations and plans, which was terrific. We had a super low key Friday at home. Saturday morning we started things off at Covington's Braxton Brewery for their 1 year anniversary party! In just one short year, they've really upped the game when it comes to delicious local beer. We also hit the cinema to see the much talked about 10 Cloverfield Lane which was so good (I'll probably end up writing a longer review on sometime soon).  We don't celebrate Easter, but our Sunday was still full of fun and sunshine as we toured around in Over The Rhine, enjoying some new brews and eating a delicious lunch at Pontiac. It's been so nice out we decided to invest in a new small bluetooth speaker to enjoy some tunes on the front porch and may have hit the jackpot when we found a Lisa Frank complete with rainbows and puppies speaker at a second hand bookstore. I may or may not have squealed at the sight of it. 

Looking Forward:

We are going to get our first delivery from Marley Spoon midweek so it will be fun trying to cook some new styles of cuisine for dinner. We are most certainly guilty of not getting outside the box around here, mostly because I'm guilty of having a "toddler diet" with my main food groups being tacos, pizza, and chicken nuggets. 

I'm really relieved to not have any commitments or plans for this week. It seems like such a rarity, so hopefully it means I'll play a lot of catch-up with my Omnifocus task list for dumb adult/house type duties—which would be nice because Spring brings such an anticipation for bringing things back to life and a deep cleaning around this corgwn/cat hair palace is definitely in order. 

Actually, technically we were to meet for our FWB: Friends with Books Book Club this week, but the book I had picked for this month has been an absolute bear and none of us have gotten through it, so we're aiming to meet up at the end of April. It's been a big exercise for myself to let go of what I would normally want to put in the total failure category, but not all books are good book club books, so we try, we learn, we move forward. Giving myself the space and permission for that has been a lot of work, but I'll get there.

Also totally can't wait to check this film out this week. It looks absolutely stunning.  Might even turn up later as a film review!

Here's to a fantastic week!