Better late than never

Well it's only the 40th day of a new year, but I finally settled on a few goals—16 to be exact, for 2016. Let's dive into them, shall we? 

In no particular order they are: 

  • Run the Cincy Beer Series
  • listen to (new to me) albums
  • write some snail mail every month
  • go to a yoga with other people...that's not in my living room.
  • read some of my own work at an open mic
  • read more books and write reviews  
  • record an EP 
  • pass the ABO-AC exam
  • drink more water
  • start a book club with friends
  • hike all the trails in our county park district
  • unplug more/practice quiet time for myself
  • write more about Cincinnati history (maybe a new tour?) 
  • do amazing things in Iceland
  • reduce spending/personal debt
  • resist FOMO (fear of missing out)

and there you have it. These are just the vague goals, but I'll work to quantify what it means as I look to achieve each one. Mostly, I want this year to be a year of mindfulness, one where I look to make the best decisions for my happiness, and one that is full of fun and amazing experiences.